Plantation Pool Heating Repair

Pool Heating Repair Plantation
Pool Heating Repair Plantation

The role played by pool heaters in maintaining comfortable water temperature throughout the year is indispensable. Most families look forward to spring and summer when they can swim freely in their swimming pools because autumn and winter renders the pools unusable. As a matter of fact, most pools are covered during this period to prevent freezing. The story is not different at Plantation city and the surrounding areas, a fact that has necessitated the need for Plantation Air Conditioning Repair to put in more to ensure the residents enjoy their pools 24/7 365 days a year.

Signs Your Pool Heating System is Faulty

Many homeowners because insufficient knowledge and expertise in pool heating maintenance, suffer faulty pool heating systems without knowing. Our experts have dealt with pool heating systems for a long time and understand the telltale signs that your system could be slowly breaking down. Below are some of these signs:

The Heater Won’t Turn On

This is an express case of a heating problem which is mainly caused by dirty filters. When your filters get dirty or grimed, they cause low pressure which in turn makes the pressure switch to turn the heater off. Our professionals can be able to check the entire system including the connections which may at times be loose thus causing anomalies.

Inadequate Heating

This is a common pool heating problem which some homeowners tend to ignore because it seems not serious enough for technical intervention. When your heater shuts off before the desired temperature is attained, the problem could be caused by an improperly set timer or dirty filter. A dirty filter prevents the heater from firing. We clean filters and set the temperature switch at a high enough setting to ensure the heater turns on.

Unusual Noise

Whines, bangs, or grinding noises can point towards a faulty pool heating system. If this is unattended, it can graduate into more serious problems requiring you to pay lots of money to have it sorted.

When to Notify Our Professionals

Bearing in mind the hazards associated with a malfunctioning pool heating system, we encourage you to notify us the moment you notice the above and any other unusual signs. Even though there is a temptation particularly for DIY experts to try and repair the issues by themselves, it’s advisable you get in touch with us for professional assessment and repair.

We are well versed with the different components of pool heating systems such as tube assemblies, heat exchangers, control panels, pressure switches, ignition modules and any other parts.

We also advise our clients to subscribe to our pool maintenance program where they get professional advice, timely and regular checkups as well as other tips to help them economize on pool heating without suffering the consequences of a cold and unusable pool.

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