How To Flush Air Conditioner Drain Line Correctly?

Flush Air Conditioner Drain Line
Flush Air Conditioner Drain Line

An air conditioner when working correctly besides cooling the room acts as a dehumidifier extracting moisture from the surrounding air. This moisture is known as the condensate. Depending on the size of the air conditioning unit the quantities of condensate generated varies. During the installation of the air conditioning unit a condensate drain line will have been fitted to the evaporator. The drain line is easily recognized it is the outside pipe that is dripping moisture when your Plantaion air conditioner is running.

The evaporator is the unit that is mounted in the room and gives out the cold air to air condition the room. It is normally wall mounted but there are ceiling mounted types which are known as cassette models. It is essential that during the installation of the condensate drain line that the materials used are correctly chosen. Rigid poly water pipe is ideal for this installation. The poly pipe does not collapse as time goes on. The water pipe is easy to flush and is resistant to the sun’s ultra violet rays. It is also wise to check that there is enough inclination on the poly water pipe to enable the evaporator to drain correctly. It there is not the correct inclination then the condensate created by the air conditioning unit will spill out from the front of the evaporator and run down the wall.

Different Way’s To Flush A/C Drain Line

There are a couple of methods used to flush a condensate line. The first is to buy a professional blower from any Plantation air conditioning parts retailer. This blower is then attached to the end of the condensate line and turned on. The blower blows air back into the air conditioner evaporating unit clearing it of any blockages or partial restrictions. If you do not have a blower, or do not want to buy one, then using a small air compressor works just as well. It is important that the air conditioning unit is switched off at the time you are carrying out this procedure. Condensate drain lines should be flushed yearly or if the air conditioning used very often then six monthly would be preferable.

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