Common AC Misconceptions and Myths


Summer is around the corner and homeowners are doing final touches on their AC systems with the aim of turning them on to cool their homes during the hot and sunny days. However, contrary to what many homeowners think, your AC is not a flip on flip off machine. There are lots of things that go on within the system and homeowners must be aware of all this. The main reason why most AC systems tend to be forgotten until summer is that homeowners shelve them away immediately summer bids them goodbye and as such don’t get an opportunity to have the systems repaired, cleaned and inspected on an annual basis.

According to experts, homeowners tend to labor under misconceptions and the best way to help them this summer is by bursting AC performance myths.

There is no Need to Clean Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit as well as the condenser fan move air through the coil system, but in the process also picks dirt, grass, mad, and other gunk into the inner chambers of the unit. This ultimately clogs your system and decreases its efficiency making it to run harder thereby spiking your electricity bills. However, the good news is the outdoor unit can be cleaned and brought back to its performance optimization.

I Need to Ensure My Filters are Frequently Checked

When many homeowners think on the contrary, filters play a key role in the health of your HVAC system. They serve as the first line of defense against contaminants such as allergens, microbes, dirt and dust. When the filters are not checked and changed on a regular basis, they lose their filtering efficiency and this can spell doom for your AC system. Ensure your filters are checked once in three months.

Singlehandedly I Can Fix My HVAC Unit

Unless you exactly know what you are doing, dismantling your HVAC system can be such an erroneous exercise which may cost you even more than what you could have paid a HVAC contractor. Even though a capacitor may be selling at about $6 online, installing it on your own can be costly because connecting the wrong wire can blow it up. The best option is to leave to the professionals.

Leave Your Thermostat Fan Setting on Auto Mode

During winter, this can be a clever step, but not during summer when your HVAC fan runs all the time, leaving your fan on auto mode can guzzle your energy and to some extent affect your comfort.

In addition to the above, ensure your thermostat is set at a temperature you are comfortable with as you leave the house because when you set it too high, you may find that your home is too cold as you come back and this will affect not only your comfort, but the cost of heating it to the normal standards.

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